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Mama Drama - Part II


noun: mess; plural noun: messes

1.a dirty or untidy state of things or of a place."she made a mess of the kitchen"synonyms:

untidiness, disorder, disarray, clutter, shambles, jumble, muddle, chaos "please clear up the mess"

HEllO! That described the point in my life that I call “Mom Rock Bottom”. My life could be described as any of the words in the actual definition of MESS.

Cleaning up the “Mess”

First I made a list (of course) 1. Glass of wine, you know so I can think better. 2. Realize the next 6 or so weekends were going to be dedicated to this life changing new me.

*find help with carpooling kids to practice, birthday parties etc...

* Meal Prep: make two extra meals through the week for dinners on the weekends so I can continue without hearing the most dreaded words ever “mom, whats for dinner?”

3. One room at a time! list which room and what my goal for that room is. 4. STAY FOCUSED, motivated and remember how much balance, harmony, and happiness will Result

from “Cleaning up the mess”

First room I took on was my 4 yo daughter’s. She has more clothes than Baby Gap, and

every small toy that you can imagine. We took everything out of her room it was completely empty, the only clean room in the house. I made piles in the living room. I separated things in laundry baskets. What we would keep, what we would give away/donate and what was going to the frog, aka the new play room.

Josh, my husband, and I were working together for this common goal. Truth is, as much as I hated to admit, I needed his help. He has a beautifully creative mind and like me, he loves perfection. While I was hard at work getting the clutter cleared out, he was at work designing a functional storage system that we would be putting in every room. I told him what I needed and he was going to bring these ideas to life. There was the “promise” that with all this organization, there would be more time for him. He came right on board with that kind of motivation. I stared seeing the light at the end of the tunnel even though everything was more a “mess” than before, I knew that there was a plan. I could almost picture what this was going to look like.

What I wanted this storage system to be:


*Stylish ( Modern and classic) *Quality (Real wood, something that is going to last) *Quite hardware, no slamming doors and drawer! *Cleanable *I also want to be able to incorporate it in every room! *I need it NOW and It has to be easy enough for the whole family to be able to assemble, after all this is for

all of us!

When that first weekend was over I had the room empty, toys in the playroom. Her clothes and a few “Important” toys and stuffies that were going to stay in her room ready for the next weekend when the storage Cabinets were going to be brought home and assembled by Josh and the boys.

Finally the next weekend came and the boys went with dad to the warehouse to pick up the cabinetry, while I continued... Moving on to the next room.

When The boys came home with the cabinets and had it installed in her room within 30 minutes I was shocked! I mean completely installed and everything cleaned up, ready for things to be put in their place! It felt so good like why didn’t I do this sooner.

They say “ The cobblers kids have no shoes”. Well that was us. I mean my husband is not a cobbler and my kids have shoes, But he has had an impressive Commercial Cabinetry business for many years. So I guess that would be more like the cabinet manufactures wife has no home organization. Well that's all about to change....

Good order is the foundation of all things. – Edmund Burke

Photo Provided by, Anna Angenend Photography

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