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The Competitive “Edge” in Cabinetry

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

The cabinetry and furniture manufacturing industry was taken to a new level with the introduction of Hot air and Laser edge banding. This innovative process has long been used by high end manufactures of cabinetry and furniture companies in Germany and Italy. This technology was only recently introduced to North America in 2011.

“Zero- edge” has slowly been integrated into the production of Modern Kitchen and Commercial Cabinetry, solving many problems faced by conventional edge banding. This process provides the end user with a seamless edge thats superior in heat exposure, steam, and moisture. The edges will also stay fused unlike conventional edge banding. In addition it provides anti-bacterial properties by preventing dirt collection, making it the leading choice for medical facilities. A pre-finished seamless edge cabinet is also superior to a traditional lacquered finished cabinet because most pre-finished materials incorporate light fastness which prevents yellowing due to UV light exposure. This technology also allows a single panel to be replaced if needed, without having to match an older lacquer color that is prone to chipping and yellowing.

So now you want to know, how does this information apply to you?? Well, if you are like me anything that is going to cut down on cleaning time, is cost effective, and has endless options…SIGN ME UP!

We are constantly looking to Europe for the latest fashion trends, right? This is also true for design. With modern minimalistic kitchen cabinetry being all the rage across the pond, it won’t be long until everyone will be in search of a manufacture with “zero edge” technology, here in the US.

Zero Edge Cabinet Panel
Zero Edge Cabinet Panel

The Possibilities are endless,…Matte, gloss, textured or glass… the sky is the limit when it comes to options, for beautiful seamless cabinetry. This is possible with the collaboration of companies like Homag and Rehau. In my onion, these companies are leading the way. Homag has created the machinery and Rehau has introduced pre-finished materials that allow us to provide a timeless look.

Video by Stiles

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