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“12 steps” to Spring Cleaning Steps 2 and 3

So now we have tackled The piles of clutter, a few drawers and maybe a small linen closet…RIGHT? Lets take a deep breathe and marvel at our accomplishments.

You should be feeling slightly overwhelmed at this point because the mountain seems so high. STAY MOTIVATED! You can do this and it will save you time, money, and even give you piece of mind. It’s a fact that efficiency and productivity are directly related to how organized your life is. When you’re not organized you are less confident, more anxious, and often frustrated. Prioritizing your life will give you a confidence boost. No more “mom guilt” !Oh, you know what I mean… like when your child asks you where a permission slip is for school, and you have NO clue!


So whats next? Choose a room, The whole room! Maybe the master bathroom is a good start. Once that is finished move on to the next room. Keep coming back to do check ups. this will keep things from collecting cutter.

Step #3

When asked, 79% of homeowners said the number one thing they wanted to change in their home was storage. 82% of renters say the most desirable features in a multi-family housing unit, are the closets.

Find ways to improve your storage. Mud room storage is a must! Hiding shoes, book bags, sports equipment, umbrellas and jackets, is a great way to make your space look less cluttered and more organized. less bulky furniture and more simple storage options. Make use of high ceilings. Many new modular storage systems have options for higher ceiling cabinets. Going up takes less floor space.

These steps should keep you busy for a while. Keep up the good work and remember…’Being organized is being in control.”


Photo provided by Danielle Guenther Photography

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